Friday, 2 November 2012

Marching with the Wind

Happy Halloween! How did you spend November 1? 
I spent mine with my family and of course visited our loved ones at the cemetery. To avoid heavy traffic we went out around 5am and I didn't even sleep just to wake them up! I didn't get any sleep while we were on the road cos I was so hyped up!
Few hours later, we finally arrived in Silang, Cavite around 7 to 8 in the morning and looked for the Cemetery of my Grandparents. Few moments later after we bond and said our prayers, we decided to leave and have lunch at the LZM RESTAURANT. They offer "Lutong Bahay" which I know is one of the favorites of a pinoy! We often eat here whenever we're in Silang because it's really delicious and we're not the only one who's a regular customer! Below are some pictures of some local personalities, their walls are filled with pictures of the celebrities and some government officials. They are really a legit pinoy restaurant!

After lunch we then visited the brother of my Lolo who is very much alive and strong! :> Thank God♥ 
We spent few hours there, bonded with them and as I've said above I haven't got any sleep, so I layed down on the couch and went to dreamland! My brothers woke me up and told me to get ready cos we're going to Tagaytay and then check out the SMDC's WIND CONDOMINIUM (Which I fell in love with!) 
We went there and roamed around Tagaytay, you know, just enjoying the cool breeze. It was a perfect day, the sun was so bright plus the cool breeze and the magnificent view is making it more relaxing!

This is what I wore yesterday! 
FLATS: Korea
SUNNIES: I don't know what's the brand cos I just asked my friend to buy it when he was out of the country :(
Accessories: D' LoiVale

I like the dress cos it is made out of wool! Although most of the clothes that is made out of wool are just simple sweaters, this dress is kind of rocking a "Marching-Band-Vibe" because of the cut and the gold buttons. I chose a bigger size than my normal size because I'm really into "over-sized sweaters" though, this time this is a "over-sized-dress" :>
Was supposed to partner this dress with a pair of combat boots but sadly, I can't seem to find it! 


AAAAAND out of boredom I decided to draw something and here it is! Though I'm not yet finished with it! Will post it again once it's done!

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  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrl, you work that shit! Mukha kang Korean model dito ha! Chosera ka I miss you!!! Bigyan kita ipis 'pag nagkita tayo, love you!!!