Monday, 25 November 2013

Unrequited Love

A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain.
- Abraham Cowley

Unrequited love. 
A love that is hard to miss. 
A tragic love that saddens your soul, yet it is somehow romantic. 
A disestablished love, a love that has never really begun,
To love someone despite the resentment or to love someone from afar.
The idea itself is obscure.

Which one of us has not at one point,
 experienced the agony of a love that is not reciprocated?
Cliche as it may sound, loving someone who does not love you back?
Unhealthy and hopelessly romantic.
Tho some may argue that there are great love stories based on unrequited love, 
Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens --to name a few. 
Some may disagree, the bitterness of it is understandable.
What I concluded based on these stories, one way or another,
 it was their choice to be in that situation.
No matter what excuse they had, it was their own choice to love someone.

You've been eyeing someone for quite a time now
and to realize he does not feel the same way.
But the worst of it, it does NOT stop there.
Knowing the fact that you've been creating fatuous meanings
 from his simple friendly gestures does not stop you from hoping that one day 
all these upliftments wont come from the figment of your imagination.

I have come to a realization that I was in that dumb position because I chose to stay there,
I decided to be there. Stuck in my own delusion.
I thought I was happy, truly happy is what I meant. Wasn't I?
Perhaps, the thought of unraveling a magnetic feeling was clouding my judgment.
Everything meant something, even to the smallest pantomime.
 Every details seemed extremely important. 
Details were something to grab on to, a way to insert myself to his life.

The excitement was slowly consuming my state of mind.
Little did I know, it was all part of my evil plan,
to torture myself with what if's, regrets, silly misconceptions -- and so much worse.

Every doubt will eat you alive, 
every sign will lead you to disappointment, 
every conversation is misleading.
Drowned by your own malignant, 
a cancer that is destroying your esteem bit by bit by biiit.
Sooner or later, you'll find yourself questioning everything.
Will come to a point that you will even blame yourself,
thinking that you're not good enough.
You will be a defiant to your own conscious mind.
You might even change your ways, to worse.
Thinking that it might result into something that will make everything better.
A rebellion of oneself.
Clearly, you cannot correct things with wrong ways.

Change the way you think, 
and you will undoubtedly be okay.. eventually.
It is how you think that makes you feel miserable.
This is your perspective.

Accept it. 
You cannot force someone to give you the answer you've been wanting to hear.
It does not work that way.
An untried love has boundless possibilities, 
you don't have the assurance, you don't have the exact answer.
 All you have are assumptions and risks.
You've put yourself in that situation knowing it has risks.
Not minding the possibility that you will end up unsatisfied with the result of your actions. 

You question his intentions.
You gave meaning to his actions.
You gave meaning to your conversations.
You gave meaning to his compliments.
You gave meaning to everything, when it was clearly nothing more than being friendly.
Just two people creating a relationship--- a friendship.

Some are lucky, some are not.
I may sound like a hypocrite,
 I myself cannot fathom the fact that I'm writing about this.
But these are lessons. 
The lessons, I learned.

Monday, 6 May 2013


This is not like my usual blog posts. This time, my blog will not be all about fashion because I've come to a realization that since random people are reading my posts, why not add some personal beliefs about reality and things that interest me. To reach out. Calling my inner geeky-ness . 

Fear. Fear is a feeling we all hate. Fear according to Discovery Channel, it is a series of reactions in the brain triggered by a stressful stimulus and ending with such physical reactions. This will eventually open you to the well known fight or flight response. Lol can you believe it? I actually pay attention to Discovery Channel! It makes us react negatively even to the most absurd thing you can imagine. Fear chokes us into doubting our ability to face it, it is like it has this undeniable effectiveness that weakens our knees. Do we fight it or just let it consume us?

For me, fear is the absence of trust that clouds your judgement with the idea that you cannot conquer it. I'm going to state the obvious that everybody knows already, fear is just in our minds yet it overcomes our whole being. It affects our life decisions that can be dreadful to the path you want to be in. Fear should not be the reason for you to miss an opportunity, big or small. Think of it as a phase in your life that you have to go through in order to catch the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Learn to trust yourself, it's not hard to do so. Look, people around you learned how to trust you and you learned to trust them. So why not do it for yourself. For your sake. Well yes, people often times let you down but we are talking about YOU not anybody else. This is about becoming a better version of yourself. I know it is not as easy as it seems. I mean, who am I to talk about it. Geez, I have A LOT of fear. More than you could imagine, but we can get there. You undeniably can. Just start believing in yourself.

Some of you may think that this post is just like any other blog that talks about fear, but what the heck this is not just about people who sees the negativity in every aspect. This is about the people who doubts themselves and needs someone to believe in them or maybe someone who needs an encouragement and maybe perhaps a sign to face it.

 It makes us vulnerable. Fear is a broad topic, but in the end it all comes down to beating it. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

7 For All Mankind // The Beautiful Odyssey

Two lovers' fate will be in your hands.

7 For All Mankind Debuts Spring 2013 Brand Campaign called ‘The Beautiful Odyssey’

Directed and Photographed by Award-Winning Actor, James Franco

A charming love story that unfolds against a backdrop of a white wedding with a little twist: you get to vote and decide the fate of the two lovers.

 Los Angeles,CA(January 2013) - 7 For All Mankind®, the world’s premiere leader of denim and lifestyle products, today unveils its SS13 Brand campaign. Along with the Brand’s creative agency LIPMAN, 7 For All Mankind® has once again teamed up with James Franco to imagine and create another multimedia campaign that encompasses the 7 For All Mankind’s Californian spirit and denim DNA.

The SS13 campaign is called ‘A Beautiful Odyssey’ and explores the concept of LOVE & CONNECTIVITY symbolized through an aspirational white wedding. A white wedding, paired with the sensual surroundings of a California beach at sunset, provide the inspirational scenery for the campaign.  Over the course of a day and a night, audiences gain a glimpse into the most intimate and sacred moments of a couple’s relationship; anything seems possible.

Franco’s creative presence in the campaign represents his on-going role as a creative force behind the 7 For All Mankind image and branding."Love is a beautiful thing. A powerful thing. But there are different textures to it. There's a range of emotion that goes beyond happiness alone. People like to pretend that part's not there, but that's the way passion is. We didn't shy away from that. We went for it-- with a vision of a California beach wedding." says Franco.

The SS13 campaign officially launches in February 2013 during New York Fashion Week with a fresh multi-media approach alongside the print advertising creative. This season James Franco takes a different direction & has orchestrated a fresh twist by allowing the audience to determine the fate of the storyline through an interactive Facebook initiative. Through the month of March, 7 For All Mankind will release three (3) interactive trailers that coincide with polling questions allowing the viewer to vote for the direction they want the storyline to go. The outcome is a new Audience Cut edition of A Beautiful Odyssey.

The SS13 films will be hosted on 3 platforms ;

A comprehensive social media and digital strategy is aligned to support the three (3) interactive trailers. The campaign culminates with an exclusive screening of James Franco’s Director’s Cut on April 25th, 2013 in Los Angeles. A simultaneous broadcast of the both Audience Cut & Director’s Cut will be shown simultaneously on the above Facebook pages & on April 25th, 2013.

“Following our ground-breaking multimedia campaigns in SS12 and FW12, this campaign continues to evoke curiosity and elevate our Brand, its unique story and the California DNA it represents” said Barry Miguel, President of 7 For All Mankind. “James has captured our product innovation, Brand beauty and evolution in a modern and refined way.” 

The fate of two lovers is in YOUR hands. Uncover their secrets & deepest desire to choose the path they’ll take. Will their love flourish on the side of innocence? Or will past experiences bring their fall of paradise?

For Spring, the 7 For All Mankind interactive brand campaign, titled “A Beautiful Odyssey” was inspired by the poetry of William Blake and imagined and directed by James Franco, yet will ultimately be told by you. We invite you to decide how this romantic tale unfolds by visiting our Facebook page and casting your vote.
Beginning March 7th, we will be releasing videos with corresponding poll questions so YOU can VOTE on the character's ultimate fate. You willactually have the opportunity to impact how this story unfolds! Cast your vote and you will be able to say that you played a part in how James Franco edited the "Audience Cut" version of "A Beautiful Odyssey."
At the end of the campaign, we invite you to tune into the online film premiere where you can watch both the Audience Cut and Director’s Cut of “A Beautiful Odyssey.”
We are also holding a Pin-To-Win contest on our Pinterest page where the lucky winner and their guest will be flown to LA to attend our VIP campaign film premiere.

To stay in the loop about all things James Franco and A #BeautifulOdyssey, sign up here and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @7FAM for insider info and behind the scenes photos.

Also, stay tuned for more information about our Pinterest contest, coming in March.

Watch the official trailer for James Franco’s “A Beautiful Odyssey” here and shop the entire Campaign Collection here.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


First post for 2013!
Did you guys miss me? Haha! Kidding. 
So anyway, I've been really busy with a lot of things lately. Got so much stress that I couldn't handle that's why I took a little break from everything. Last month, which was obviously December, I sort of plugged out of every social networking sites! Can you believe that! I survived it, Thank God! Haha. I mean, I'm REALLY addicted to social media! Especially tweeting, it's my stress reliever. But then i realized that while I'm getting busy with the social media, I tend to "ignore" the people around me, well, not really ignore but more like I tend to "exclude" myself because I'm too busy with it. Feels like it's not right anymore, I'm not having some real quality time with the people I love around me because I'm too busy with things that doesn't really matter that much compared to them. So then I decided to cut it off for a month and now I can control myself from setting priorities, and I'm trying to really do some time management. Honestly, I suck at that, with managing my time. But hey, it's a new year and a new day, it's not yet late for me to learn how to set priorities. So my First Priority is of course my family and everyone I love around me! :)
Enough about this I'm sure you're now rolling your eyes with all the drama I just told you. Haha! 

Today I ditched my Saturday class for the fiesta in our grandpa's province! Well, he's not really my grandpa but he's the brother of my lolo! 

This is my outfit today! :)

 Jacket from Moncler
Top and Leggings, both are tailored
Accessories from D' Loivale
Thong sandals from People are People 
Watch from Guess

I wore a jacket cos it's breezy there, it's near in Tagaytay. 

I decided to wear something colorful because as we all know, Fiesta's has this joyful and colorful feeling. It will automatically make you feel happy even if it's not your thing.

I partnered my colorful leggings with a basic black tank top with a mesh at the back. 
It's a simple top with a twist plus I added some striking colors to complete the outfit. 

I completed my outfit with simple accessories! Black blends well with everything that's why I love this color.
I wore a necklace that will surely standout with my top and a pair of earrings that matches it. I got it both from D' Loivale.

Clothing with vibrant colors in stores are now out because summer is just few months away.
You can always wear something loud but don't over do it because you'll definitely look like a clown! It's time to hide away your fall/winter clothes because the sun is ouuut to get you. Haha.