Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Last October 09, 2012 our school held a Nikon Workshop. It is a seminar for Nikon users that wants to get to know their camera more and of course discover new products from Nikon. 
Ryan Santiago and I was asked if we can model for the Nikon event for just a day, we willingly agreed because it was Greco who asked us, which is also our friend. The thing is, Greco didn't tell us that we will model infront of many Benildeans, it's like we will be the "tester" for the shots! 
It would be too late and unprofessional if ever we'll back out, so we was really shy at first until we met the crew and the speaker for that day. They were so friendly that's why we didn't feel shy around anymore. 
Though Greco still owes us, BIG TIME. Hahahaha :)
I wasn't able to bring my camera so I had to use my iPad's camera to get some pictures.

Dress: Forever21
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