Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Yesterday I went to Eastwood to meet up with some friends 
and of course, hang with them. ♥
Sadly I forgot to bring my camera so I had to shoot my out fit for the day inside our house.
Anyway, I tried to be a "hipster" but with an edgy touch. Haha.
So here it is. ♥

Top: Smex
Shorts: DIY
Ankle Boots: Guang Zhou
All of my Accessories are from D' LoiVale

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The lost samurai

Hi guys! Okay, I know I'm not getting really active with my blog and I apologize for that. 
So last night, we went to The Fort to celebrate BoConcept's 60th Anniversary which i'll post a blog about it later. 
I went with my friends who also happens to be invited to the event, Ryan Santiago, Tris Flores and Josiah Medalla. 
The event started at 4 in the afternoon but we got a little late because of the heavy traffic we encountered along the way.
We even got a little lost luckily manong guard helped us where to find the store of BoConcept.
Anyway, this was my outfit for last night's event!

Royal Blue Laced Top: Forever 21
Samurai Pants: Customized
Envelope Clutch: D' LoiValeLa
Belt: Penshoppe
Hippie Band: D' LoiVale
Earrings: D'Loivale
Creepers: Guang Zhou, China

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Sorry guys I've been really busy lately because it's our finals week! 
So yeah, now my friends are out partying, ADHOC bitches
While I'm ADHOME.... (at home) hahaha okay, I tried guys! It's funny!! :(

Anyway, too bad I can't go cos the other day I got terribly sick cos of food poisoning,
and I don't wanna risk it. lol Might throw up there and embarrass myself, right?
Though the good thing was that when I got sick I didn't have any exams to take! :)

This is what I wore last Wednesday before our finals! 

Top: Topshop
Flats: Bazaar
Washed Jeans: Levi's
Studded Bracelet and Necklace: D' Loivale