Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jack Daniel's

Last night I got reunited with these awesome people again and met some new friends too! :)
 Chine celebrated her 18th birthday at Oasis Manila. The theme was supposed to be "Hollywood-ish" but I think it turned out to be a "Barbie-ish" party, cos of the girly ambiance and the venue was full of pink designs.

This is what I wore last night.

 Dress from People are People


 Rings: D' LoiVale
 Metalic leatherette bracelet: Hong Kong

 Shoes: Syrup by People are People
Clutch Bag: Hong Kong
Earings: Claire's

It was a formal party, a VERY formal one. No booze at all! Haha. 
Tho my good friend Leandra Villaroman,
 brought a bottle of Bacardi 151 and shared it to us. :)
And Dana Santos gave me a cute bottle of Jack Daniel's!! I can't get over it, it's so cute!!

and this cute "bottle" of red wine was given to Leandra Villaroman by Dana Santos too! :>

So below are the people I love and the people I've just met last night. ♥
 Fredrick Fernandez, Joselito Castro, Seth Gothico and Francis Manalili
 Leandra Villaroman and Katsumi Kabe
 Mycko Evangelisto, Leandra Villaroman, Jones Villaroman, Katsumi Kabe and Francis Manalili
 Jones Villaroman and Fredrick Fernandez
Fred is really nice and quiet!!
while Jones is the total opposite of Fred. :))
I've only met Jones last night then after a few minutes, he is already annoying me.

 Seth Gothico, Dana Santos my love and me.
We all look weird here. croo.
Seth is a silly guy, he took my phone then made me chase him while I was wearing my heels! He even told me to just take off my shoes so I can run faster. WTF right. :))

The cutie Fredrick Fernandez! 


Being cute with Dana Santos my love! 
She's my girlfriend. lol kidding! :>
I love this girl cos she's really funny and gorgeous!

 Lexi Sanz, Aaron Aquino, Fred Fernandez, Kirk Gacias and Leandra Villaroman.

Too bad i had to go home by 12mn cos I was with my bff. :(
Hi Regine Lao!

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