Monday, 26 November 2012



Red warrior

For as long as I can remember, I've already been a fan of dark and metallic colors There's just really something with them. Styles like this makes me really hooked up, it feels like I'm in a right place whenever I'm wearing something like that. 

I made this mood board to show you how you can play with your crop top or corsets. :)

Majority of the people here in the Philippines are most likely to wear RTW's because most of us are either in school or at work. I'm not saying that it'll be normal for the foreigners to wear these when they go to school. Our institutions may be a bit stricter and we Filipino's are conscious in stepping out of our comfort zone and we are known for being conservative, right? 

What I'm saying is that, let's be honest, people would definitely be sticking their eyes out on you when you wear this along the streets of Manila, even in The Fort. You can't avoid those people who would be stunned or even question you for being a "fashion forward". No, I'm not saying that if you'll wear something similar on the "mood board" I've made, you can be considered as fashion forward. It's just that we are not that open to new trends.

 By that I mean, generally, Filipinos are simple yet we are very creative. But most people would still wear shirt and denims. We cant help not to stare at someone when they're wearing something "unusual". It's a normal thing to do, it's either you're laughing at the person or you think that person looks amazing. 
I'm not judging those people because I myself tend to do that subconsciously. 

My title has the WARRIOR word on it, why? Well maybe because warriors are strong and they don't really care what people would think against them. They will fight their battle no matter what. I think we should all be warriors in terms of fashion. 

It takes guts to wear something people dont normally wear around you. It takes guts, yes, really. Fashion are slowly spreading here in our country, it is already starting to touch the lives of our fellow people. Filipinos are now trying to adapt with the trends that our trend setters, fashion designers, celebrities and so on. 

Before Filipinos has this mind set that dressing fashionably are only for the Higher Class of tour society. Today, we are all changing that. Fashion is for everyone. 

No matter what class you're on -- Lower Class -- Middle Class -- Higher Class. I only hope this thing continues and we will just be "stunned" with Filipinos who are wearing simple RTW's/ 
Wouldn't that be just great? :)

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