Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Little Bit of Gold

Yesterday I went to Taft at lunch time to meet up with some friends and of course have some lunch. When I was still preparing to go there, it was sunny. VERY SUNNY. So I decided to wear something bright and plain sadly after a few hours it rained. I should have known it would rain because as we all know, here in the Philippines it's normal to expect rain for almost everyday! Hahaha.

Anyway, so I waited for Ryan and Dani at the Seattle's Best. I had my new favorite from Seattles which is the Cookies and Mint! Im a fan of drinks with Mint, though a friend of mine hates it. Everytime I order a drink that is minty, she would always say that it's like I'm drinking a toothpaste-flavored-drink. But what can I do if that is what i like. :(

THONG SANDALS: People are People

Then after a while Ryan arrived and then Dani. We waited for the rain to stop because we don't wanna get wet. We had lunch at Bagnet 8065. It's a yummy place just beside St. Benilde infront of St. Scholastica. As usual we ordered their Bagnet Sisig. Guys, you should try it! It's THE BOMB! Plus their Cinnamon Roll is not expensive yet it tastes great! Few minutes later, Kyle arrived and ordered the same thing. After that, we all went to Goodles which is a great place to eat and hang with your friends because of the friendly staff. Then later on, Miko and his friend came and we all had a great time.

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