Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Little Bit of Gold

Yesterday I went to Taft at lunch time to meet up with some friends and of course have some lunch. When I was still preparing to go there, it was sunny. VERY SUNNY. So I decided to wear something bright and plain sadly after a few hours it rained. I should have known it would rain because as we all know, here in the Philippines it's normal to expect rain for almost everyday! Hahaha.

Anyway, so I waited for Ryan and Dani at the Seattle's Best. I had my new favorite from Seattles which is the Cookies and Mint! Im a fan of drinks with Mint, though a friend of mine hates it. Everytime I order a drink that is minty, she would always say that it's like I'm drinking a toothpaste-flavored-drink. But what can I do if that is what i like. :(

THONG SANDALS: People are People

Then after a while Ryan arrived and then Dani. We waited for the rain to stop because we don't wanna get wet. We had lunch at Bagnet 8065. It's a yummy place just beside St. Benilde infront of St. Scholastica. As usual we ordered their Bagnet Sisig. Guys, you should try it! It's THE BOMB! Plus their Cinnamon Roll is not expensive yet it tastes great! Few minutes later, Kyle arrived and ordered the same thing. After that, we all went to Goodles which is a great place to eat and hang with your friends because of the friendly staff. Then later on, Miko and his friend came and we all had a great time.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Rampant Fridays

I spent this last two consecutive Fridays with my Happy Pill, Ryan Santiago at the Republiq! He's one of the Influencers of Energie Jeans which is the partner of Miss Sixty. So he invited me to support him and of course to have fun, an escape from the stress that I was having that time. Haha. Isn't he the sweetest? That's why he's my best friend! 

So anyway, the first Friday night which was October 19, 2012 we celebrated Dani Barretto's 19th Birthday in Republiq so we were celebrating two events that night!♥ 
That night was really unforgettable, it was a great night. Dani Barretto looked so gorgeous as ever, she was rocking a yellow peplum dress. 

We were at the Platinum area when the PR for Miss Sixty which was Ed Lorenzo asked me and my sexy friend Tere Sevilla to ramp for Miss Sixty that night and they were still looking another "It Girl" so we recommended Chin Mercado, which is also our friend. Ed agreed and after a while we were rushed to the dressing room to fit the clothes. So while we were there, we tried some shirts, skirts, shorts and dresses. Unfortunately the sizes that were available were too big for me, so I had to pick the nearest size that I could fit in and use Ed's belt. YES WE IMPROVISED and it turned out good. :)

The awesome PR, Ed Lorenzo. Check out his blog guys!
and Miko Carreon.


The second Friday which was last October 26, 2012. Sad to say, it was the last leg of Energy Jeans;Miss Sixty's party! 
Now that night was really fun and wild! The Republiq was really jam packed, it was so crowded. Well maybe because most schools that are not trisem are on their sembreak. There were so many foreigners too compared before. It was like we were at the Jersey Shore partying. Kidding. But damn, those foreigners were really reaaaally having the time of their life. Well, we all were. :)


Miss Sixty

Bianca Manalo ♥

Sad to say I dont have an outfit shot, I've been looking for the group picture we had but I cant seem to find it. Anyway, I was wearing a sheer black polo from Oxygen, a gold sequined tube from Check and Stripes, black laced and leather leggings from Hong Kong and F&H pumps. I buttoned down the sheer polo so I wont look so simple. :)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sing me to sleep

Hi guys, I’m back! 
Last September 30, 2012 I went to a concert which was the Bazooka Rocks.
The said event featured 8 international bands and 3 local artists/bands, which was totally awesome!
The local artist was Robin Nievera. The local bands were Penguin and Salamin. Meanwhile the 8 international bands were The Pretty Reckless, Mayday Parade, Marianas Trench, A Skylit Drive, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Maine, Avastera, The Wonder Years. PLUS THE TICKET WASN'T THAT EXPENSIVE! :)

I was so hyped up cos finally i can see Taylor Momsen in person!! Before she had her tour I was already a fan! I first saw her in Gossip Girl and her role was the sister of Dan, she caught my eye because of her style! There were scenes which I cant forget especially when she became a Fashion Intern and eventually made a name. So when she decided to leave Gossip Girl and pursue her band career I got a little sad cos obviously I wont "see" her anymore because at that time I wasn't expecting that she would go here in my country, The Philippines. FORTUNATELY SHE DID, THEY DID!

I'm also a fan of Forever the Sickest Kids, The Maine and Marianas Trench. I kinda like Mayday Parade but during their performance I had to get out of my spot and eat because i felt like I was gonna faint already cos I've been screaming my lungs out since the concert started. I was lucky enough to meet a guy who's kind enough to save my spot so when I get back, I can have my spot back. And no, I wasn't alone when I watched the concert but I got separated to my friends! Hahaha. Though it was kind of a good thing cos when I got separated I had the chance to go infront! The only thing that was holding me back from running to the bands that were performing was the barrier! YES I WAS THAT NEAR! :"> THANK GOD! ♥

I didnt bring any extra battery for my cam so it got low batt and I had to use my iPad! Good thing the New iPad has a good camera quality!

These are some of the picture guys!
Forever the Sickest Kids were indeed SIIIICK!!!

Then while waiting for The Pretty Reckless, I was so surprised with what I saw! My two friends are one of the official videographer of the concert!!!!! They were laughing at me cos I was really crying. kidding, but I was really jealous! They had an all access pass!!!!!!!!!!! Then they told me that I should've told them that I was gonna watch so they can tag me along inside!! I was really freaking out. Oh well, it's not like I can re-live that moment. I just have to accept that I was too late  Thanks Andy and Potian. :(  

SEQUINED TUBE: Check and Strip

My skirt was torn at the back part! Well the leather part was torn, good thing it has a thick lining! Hahaha I dont even know how that happened! Maybe because of the jumping and the bags of the people were starting to tear my skirt. Hahahaha