Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sing me to sleep

Hi guys, I’m back! 
Last September 30, 2012 I went to a concert which was the Bazooka Rocks.
The said event featured 8 international bands and 3 local artists/bands, which was totally awesome!
The local artist was Robin Nievera. The local bands were Penguin and Salamin. Meanwhile the 8 international bands were The Pretty Reckless, Mayday Parade, Marianas Trench, A Skylit Drive, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Maine, Avastera, The Wonder Years. PLUS THE TICKET WASN'T THAT EXPENSIVE! :)

I was so hyped up cos finally i can see Taylor Momsen in person!! Before she had her tour I was already a fan! I first saw her in Gossip Girl and her role was the sister of Dan, she caught my eye because of her style! There were scenes which I cant forget especially when she became a Fashion Intern and eventually made a name. So when she decided to leave Gossip Girl and pursue her band career I got a little sad cos obviously I wont "see" her anymore because at that time I wasn't expecting that she would go here in my country, The Philippines. FORTUNATELY SHE DID, THEY DID!

I'm also a fan of Forever the Sickest Kids, The Maine and Marianas Trench. I kinda like Mayday Parade but during their performance I had to get out of my spot and eat because i felt like I was gonna faint already cos I've been screaming my lungs out since the concert started. I was lucky enough to meet a guy who's kind enough to save my spot so when I get back, I can have my spot back. And no, I wasn't alone when I watched the concert but I got separated to my friends! Hahaha. Though it was kind of a good thing cos when I got separated I had the chance to go infront! The only thing that was holding me back from running to the bands that were performing was the barrier! YES I WAS THAT NEAR! :"> THANK GOD! ♥

I didnt bring any extra battery for my cam so it got low batt and I had to use my iPad! Good thing the New iPad has a good camera quality!

These are some of the picture guys!
Forever the Sickest Kids were indeed SIIIICK!!!

Then while waiting for The Pretty Reckless, I was so surprised with what I saw! My two friends are one of the official videographer of the concert!!!!! They were laughing at me cos I was really crying. kidding, but I was really jealous! They had an all access pass!!!!!!!!!!! Then they told me that I should've told them that I was gonna watch so they can tag me along inside!! I was really freaking out. Oh well, it's not like I can re-live that moment. I just have to accept that I was too late  Thanks Andy and Potian. :(  

SEQUINED TUBE: Check and Strip

My skirt was torn at the back part! Well the leather part was torn, good thing it has a thick lining! Hahaha I dont even know how that happened! Maybe because of the jumping and the bags of the people were starting to tear my skirt. Hahahaha 

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