Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spiked up

What I wore was very refreshing for me cos today was really sunny!
Decided to tie my hair up so I don't wanna have a sticky hair cos of sweat.

 Top: Kirra
Vest: Mango
Pants: Zara
Flats: Pill - The Ramp

 Wore my new Pills spiked flats! :>

Earrings: D' LoiVale
Cuff earrings: D' Loivale

Got home a bit late cos my friend Ryan Santiago had to catch up with some chika!
 He just got back from his Hong Kong Trip.
Ah I'm jealous!


  1. I super wanted those flats from Pill too!!!! But it was too small. huhuhu. =))

    1. They dont have your size?! :o that's sad!! :( :))) it's okayyyy, stick with your heels Bai!!