Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello carbs!

What I wore last night for our dinner with the family of my Tita and a designer from a company.

 Top: H&M
Belt: Penshoppe
Pants: Hong Kong
Clutch: D' Loivale
Earrings: D' Loivale
Shoes: Folded and Hung

We had our dinner at Yakimix in Trinoma ♥

We were waiting for the available table for 7
Tita Cora, Jaymee and Me

Ahhh cheat day hihi
This is actually my second plate!!
First plate was full of Japanese Cuisines :>
Then for my third and fourth plate desserts! ♥
Tho I don't have any pictures of it cos I was kinda busy eating my heart out.

Mom in the middle, Designer from --- me and my brother. 
Tito David, Tita Cora and Jaymee

Bought a pair of spiked flats from The Ramp, Pill too! ♥

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