Saturday, 2 February 2013


First post for 2013!
Did you guys miss me? Haha! Kidding. 
So anyway, I've been really busy with a lot of things lately. Got so much stress that I couldn't handle that's why I took a little break from everything. Last month, which was obviously December, I sort of plugged out of every social networking sites! Can you believe that! I survived it, Thank God! Haha. I mean, I'm REALLY addicted to social media! Especially tweeting, it's my stress reliever. But then i realized that while I'm getting busy with the social media, I tend to "ignore" the people around me, well, not really ignore but more like I tend to "exclude" myself because I'm too busy with it. Feels like it's not right anymore, I'm not having some real quality time with the people I love around me because I'm too busy with things that doesn't really matter that much compared to them. So then I decided to cut it off for a month and now I can control myself from setting priorities, and I'm trying to really do some time management. Honestly, I suck at that, with managing my time. But hey, it's a new year and a new day, it's not yet late for me to learn how to set priorities. So my First Priority is of course my family and everyone I love around me! :)
Enough about this I'm sure you're now rolling your eyes with all the drama I just told you. Haha! 

Today I ditched my Saturday class for the fiesta in our grandpa's province! Well, he's not really my grandpa but he's the brother of my lolo! 

This is my outfit today! :)

 Jacket from Moncler
Top and Leggings, both are tailored
Accessories from D' Loivale
Thong sandals from People are People 
Watch from Guess

I wore a jacket cos it's breezy there, it's near in Tagaytay. 

I decided to wear something colorful because as we all know, Fiesta's has this joyful and colorful feeling. It will automatically make you feel happy even if it's not your thing.

I partnered my colorful leggings with a basic black tank top with a mesh at the back. 
It's a simple top with a twist plus I added some striking colors to complete the outfit. 

I completed my outfit with simple accessories! Black blends well with everything that's why I love this color.
I wore a necklace that will surely standout with my top and a pair of earrings that matches it. I got it both from D' Loivale.

Clothing with vibrant colors in stores are now out because summer is just few months away.
You can always wear something loud but don't over do it because you'll definitely look like a clown! It's time to hide away your fall/winter clothes because the sun is ouuut to get you. Haha. 

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