Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pia Alarcon

July 24, 1995. 
A baby was born to change my life. 
(No, this baby is not my child.)

That baby grew up to touch our lives in every way. She has one more year to become a full grown lady; not a woman, but a lady. A lady with a great humor and of course, an amazing personality. 
She's beautiful and definitely not an ordinary girl, her character is a major turn on. She has big round eyes that can see through me, she has always been there for me or for our friends. 
That lady has this cute laughter that will make you laugh as well, even though you don't know the reason why she's laughing. She may sometimes be a little impatient but the thing is despite that, she's always there to listen to my rants ANYTIME. There are times that she's busy with things that we don't know but that's not a downer for us, overall she is a great great greaaat person.
She understands me very well, she's a true keeper. Just like any close friend you have, with one look you can understand each other without saying anything. 

So now, I'm gonna tell you guys how did we meet. 
It was the 19th of May 2011, I met her in an orientation for the incoming frosh in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. We both have the same course and section, we were technically soulmates. lol kidding. At first I HATED HER, i was so irritated by the way she played with my hands cos we had to hold hands for a game. She sat beside me and the game started so she took my hand without any hesitation, then she dragged me. YES I REPEAT, SHE DRAGGED ME. She did that so we could run faster and win the game. I got so pissed, i did the same thing to her but she didn't react in a bad way! She just laughed it off! See how nice she is? Indeed, she has a good heart.

20th of May 2011 was our Frosh Night, and there i saw her with her friend, and the cute thing is they are both wearing almost the same dress! Cos of the pattern, stripes. Hahaha they were like twins! I even remember, I pointed her out in the crowd and told my friend that she's the weird girl that was playing with my hand. Can you imagine how much I hated her? HAHAHA

23rd or 24th of May 2011 was our first day of class, and to my surprise she was sitting right in front of me. What a bummer, and i started rolling my eyes when she started talking to me. She was sooooo noisy and hyped up in everyyyy class we had, and I was soooo irritated with her. 

Middle of June came, and I started to know her better each week, though there was this irritation coming from inside me but I gave her and myself a chance to know her without me being a bitch. I started being friendly with her, and opening myself up to her.

 Little did I know that she'll become one of the most important person in my life.
This is our first picture together and this was the time that I cannot imagine a day without her.

2nd Term came and we became closer. One random day, I opened up my wrong judgement to her. She was shocked and was laughing non stop because she told me she couldn't remember anything. She could not remember that she was doing weird stuff with my hands nor the incident when she dragged me so hard. We were both laughing non stop, that day passed and was indeed another day of  laughter with her. 

We had a conversation that I wont ever forget:

Pia: You know what, Miss Insocio is right.
Lois: With what?
Pia: That when you don't feel any awkwardness even though you're not talking or doing anything, as long as you're with that person; you're comfortable with her then that's the time you've considered someone your friend and that's also the time you can call her a "friend"

Till today, every now and then she repeats that line. She may have rephrased it but i get her point cos I feel the same way. I even consider her as my sister from another mother, she's that special to me. Sometimes I control myself on being too clingy with her cos she might get irritated but I just could not imagine a day without hanging with her or even talking to her. I'm like an obsessed friend already. Kidding. 

One extraordinary Thursday came. I went to Taft to do something and to have lunch with this amazing lady. After having lunch with her, it started to rain. It poured so hard, that we had to cross the intersection and walk right on the middle of the road just to avoid the road side canal because it was already filling up with flood. We were laughing so hard and we didn't see the car passing by, and the driver of that car was an ass for driving too fast, too fast that the flood splashed at us. We were pissed but at the same time we were laughing non stop. 

We had this "game" where we would pretend we are Koreans and sound like we're really having a serious conversation. We were doing that right in front of anyone we encounter. 
Right in front of the guard in the lobby of her condo, and it's like she was translating the words that the guard was trying to say. It was hilarious cos I even remember the guard asked her "Ay, your friend is a Korean?" Hahahaha. 
One day, we were talking like that and we bumped into a Korean group and they were staring at us like their mind was screaming "WTF ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?" hahahaha it was soooo awkward cos I know they were thinking that we were Koreans and we sound like one but they can't understand us. Hahahahaha That "game" was just unforgettable.

One of the great things about her is that she can get along with almost everyone! She has this astonishing social skills with people. Look at me, i hated her before but now I FUCKING LOVE HER.

Fast forwarding.... 2012 came.
We are now both sophomores in Benilde still taking up the same course but we don't have the same section. We are now both busy with school and we rarely hang out now. Plus she's thinking if she should shift to MMA or CDA. What's happening now, saddens me so much! I miss her soooo much but I just have to accept it.

 Last night we had an early celebration for her birthday at Yellow Cab.
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Anyway, Happy Birthday to the most amazing lady i have ever, EVER, met. Pia Alarcon, i know you'll succeed in whatever career you want. Your humility is immeasurable, your humor is undeniably awesome and

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