Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1st Blogpost: Laid back Wednesday

Today, was a roller coaster ride for me! Received some good news but of course some bad news too. Oh well, it's a part of my daily life already. All i can do is to learn how to accept it and deal with it.

(Excuse my hair, i tied it in a bun cos it was very hot during the day)

Nonetheless, I had a fun day with my friends especially with Ryan. He's like my happy pill! Although, I had a rough night because of some personal matter. :(  

I had to go to Benilde earlier than the usual cos I had to attend a seminar regarding my offenses. Hahaha. 

The main reason why I chose to wear comfy clothes today was because of that, plus every Wednesday I have night classes that'll end by 9pm.

So this is what i chose to wear for today:

Cardigan: Forever21 | Leopard Tube: Fashion Sugar | Pants: Divisoria | Shoes: Bazaar | Bag: D' LoiVale |
I like how my cheap blue high waist pants matched my leopard tube top! The color is very striking plus it doesn't look like it's over-the-top. I partnered my outfit with a simple leopard flats, so that i can be comfy because just like I said, I attended a seminar and i had to go to Taft Campus then SDA Campus. I didn't wear any accessories because i want my outfit to stay simple and let my pants do the "magic". 

It was a good thing that i brought along my cardigan with me because it rained when the evening came. Plus i didn't get wet thanks thanks to my good friend, Ryan. ☺

We should always be ready because hello, this IS the Philippines we're talking about. I think we have the most unpredictable weather, to think that we only have 2 seasons to work on. lol It's like im talking about a show. But kidding aside, everybody knows that lately, climate change has caught up on us. So it's better to be ready, right?

Fell in love with the color of my striking pants and i just had to buy another pair but with a different color! Check it out!

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