Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The lost samurai

Hi guys! Okay, I know I'm not getting really active with my blog and I apologize for that. 
So last night, we went to The Fort to celebrate BoConcept's 60th Anniversary which i'll post a blog about it later. 
I went with my friends who also happens to be invited to the event, Ryan Santiago, Tris Flores and Josiah Medalla. 
The event started at 4 in the afternoon but we got a little late because of the heavy traffic we encountered along the way.
We even got a little lost luckily manong guard helped us where to find the store of BoConcept.
Anyway, this was my outfit for last night's event!

Royal Blue Laced Top: Forever 21
Samurai Pants: Customized
Envelope Clutch: D' LoiValeLa
Belt: Penshoppe
Hippie Band: D' LoiVale
Earrings: D'Loivale
Creepers: Guang Zhou, China

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